Review: The Rising Moon

The Rising Moon
The Rising Moon by Nilsa Rodriguez
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It’s amazing how quickly your life can change.

Lia is a quiet girl. She keeps to herself, pushing people away because she’s cursed to lose everyone she loves. Until she meets Ryan and he refuses to be pushed away. Together, they try to figure out the mystery surrounding Lia and her curse and uncover a lot more hiding in the shadows than Lia ever expected.

As Lia finds out more about herself and her background, she almost blindly accepts the new pieces of her world, though she is given a lot of hard evidence. Ryan was a very interesting character that played a big part in the novel at the beginning but almost faded out towards the end when other characters were introduced. The lack of emotional depth hindered the story, though that could be fixed along with the grammatical errors.

While the idea and concept behind the story was very interesting, the telling of it needed a little polish. There were points that seemed to contradict themselves or were just confusing. There was not a good enough line drawn between Lia’s nature and that of those around her — the reader is told she’s a shifter and an immortal werewolf, but the two don’t sound like they could be the same. The love angle seemed forced, though the idea that a werewolf would love a vampire is interesting.

The Rising Moon is a dark, twisted take on tales of shifters, werewolves, and vampires. While the ethnic side could have been more enriching, the story’s potential drove it forward until the final battle.

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