Review: Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction
Chain Reaction by T. C. Archer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Before I filed the report, I had a call to make to Dunning Asylum for the mentally insane and tell them to reserve a room for me.

Detective Jordan Pierce, former Chicago PD, hasn’t felt the same since he was attacked in an alley months ago. No longer able to stay awake in the daylight, he has strange abilities that he can’t explain. While trying to balance finding his attacker and his job as a security officer at the University of Chicago, he gets caught up in a murder investigation and finds out he’s not the only one able to do strange things.

Set during the Manhattan Project time of WW2, the book is full of tidbits of history incorporated into the paranormal story. Pierce’s “powers” and nature are slowly learned, though fairly easy to guess, as if the reader is learning about this side of the world with Pierce. The suspense/detective angle was done well, keeping readers on the edge of their seat for what would happen next. The side characters help solidify the world, revealing themselves through Pierce’s interaction with them.

There were several pieces of the story, though minor, that were not resolved, such as Andy’s role in all of this. Also, as this was the introduction to the Phantom League, there was a lot of hinting about other people with other powers that didn’t necessarily show up in the book, leaving readers to wonder about the “others” alongside Pierce.

Full of action, thrills, and potential, Chain Reaction drags readers into a world and time they only thought they knew.

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