Review: Lokant

Lokant by Charlotte E. English
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Llandry was learning that when two stubborn old men were placed into the same room together, their individual stubbornness not only doubled but increased tenfold

Draykon once again fly the skies of the Seven Realms. War is building. Llandry is being chased by a white-haired sorcerer while Eva is trying to find out how her own heritage ties into who the Lokants are and what they want. Will there be peace again in the Seven Realms, or will warring factions destroy what was once these quiet lands?

Picking up where the first book left off, Lokant dives right back into the thick of things. The characters are given no time for reprieve, forced to set off almost at once to answer questions burning in their own minds. Llandry now has to figure out not just her new form, but also Pensould – the awoken Draykon that proclaims her his mate. Eva and Tren’s relationship also comes to a test as Eva’s wedding approaches but she finds her heart not in it. All the while, war is building between rival Lokants with the Draykon picking sides – and the humans are caught in between.

The details of the world are just as vivid as the first book, masterfully woven together to create a real sense of the different places the characters travel. The magic is evolving, changing as the characters learn to interact with it in ways they hadn’t thought of before, yet it is still as integral to their beings as it was before.

Riveting and full of new (and old) characters to love, Lokant keeps the action, mysteries and even a bit of romance building until the very end.

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