New Release: Have Book, Will Travel

Today’s new release is a YA book I enjoyed reading called Have Book, Will Travel by KfirLuzzatto and his son Yonatan Luzzatto. Make sure to check out my review as well as the blurb below. This is a quick read great for teens that like adventure stories, with easy language and lots of action.

Authors:           Kfir Luzzatto & Yonatan Luzzatto

Release Date:  June 1, 2012

Publisher:       PINE TEN, LLC

Formats:          Paperback, Kindle, Smashwords

ISBN:                   978-1-938212-08-6 (Print Edition)

Cover Art:      Laura Givens

Back Cover Blurb:

Max fears that his family will disapprove of his friendship with Darla, a common girl from the village outside his uncle’s fortress walls. That’s why they meet secretly to read together from an old book, which she has found in a dusty room near the fortress laundry where she works.

They read about a lost lake and feel adventurous when they slip out of the fortress to go swimming there; but the trouble begins when they find that, in the meantime, the fortress has been sealed and they can’t get back in. It’s lucky that they have the book with them, to guide them through the many dangers that await them on their way back home…or perhaps it is the book that is the source of their troubles.

In the end, it is the power of the friendship that Darla and Max have forged, and their courage, that see them through a series of breathtaking adventures.

Written by an award-winning author and his teenage son, this book is a light read for kids aged 12 to 96.

About the authors:

Kfir Luzzatto was born and raised in Italy, and moved to Israel as a teenager. He acquired the love for the English language from his father, a former U.S. soldier, a voracious reader and a prolific writer. Kfir has a PhD in chemical engineering and works as a patent attorney. He lives in Omer, Israel, with his full-time partner, Esther, their four children, Michal, Lilach, Tamar and Yonatan, and the dog Elvis.

Kfir has published extensively in the professional and general press over the years. For almost four years he wrote a weekly “Patents” column in Globes (Israel’s financial newspaper). His non-fiction book, THE WORLD OF PATENTS, (a not-so-boring tale of what patents are about, in Hebrew) was published in 2002 by Globes Press. He is the author of several short stories but now mostly writes full-length fiction. His first novel, CROSSING THE MEADOW was published by Echelon Press (October 2003) and was voted “BEST HORROR NOVEL” in the 2003 Preditors & Editors Readers Poll.

Kfir is an HWA (Horror Writers Association) and ITW (International Thriller Writers) member and also serves on the editorial board of The Harrow Press as Anthology Editor. His second novel, THE ODYSSEY GENE, was published by Echelon Press (July 2006) and was a finalist in the Indie Excellence 2007 Book Awards. He got the inspiration for his new thriller, “THE EVELYN PROJECT”, from an in-depth research into the family archives.
You can visit Kfir’s web site and read his blog at Follow him on Twitter (@KfirLuzzatto).


At press time Yonatan Luzzatto is in high-school…at least, when he can make time for it. He is a competitive swimmer, plays the piano and is addicted to Chopin.

Yonatan got tricked by his father into reading when he was too young to resist, which severely cut into his Facebook time. His work on creating HAVE BOOK – WILL TRAVEL has helped him understand the magic of reading and he recommends the experience to every teenager.

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