New Release: The Taint: Sorrow’s Child

I’m pleased to announce the release of my latest project, The Taint: Sorrow’s Child by Georgina Anne Taylor! I’m really proud of this one – I think Georgina has done a great job creating her world and a character you (the reader) can really feel for and watch grow. I can’t wait for the next one!


‘Sorrow’s Child’, the first novel in ‘The Taint’ series, is a dark fairytale steeped in myth and magic. In a richly gothic setting, ‘Sorrow’s Child’ is a coming of age story and a tale of betrayal and bloody revenge.

On the Isle of Muin, one of the thirteen scattered Meda Isles, Lilith, a young orphan and an indentured servant, is found guilty of witchcraft and is condemned to hang…


I’m an Australian writer of Gothic Fantasy and Fairy Tales and a visual artist, exhibiting under my maiden name Georgina Smith. I live on an organic farm in southern Tasmania, with my husband, two children, and a hoard of unruly dogs, ducks, chickens and goats.

I’m currently working on my four part Gothic Fantasy series ‘The Taint’. The first novel ‘Sorrow’s Child’, will be released in May 2012.




She sat in darkness.

Lost within a realm of perpetual night and enveloped by grief.

Her long hair flowed over her slender shoulders, sweeping the ground, her wraith-like form trembling as she wept bitter tears. Trickling down her cheeks and onto the rocks below, they formed a spreading lake that crept across the cavern floor.

Reason had long since faded, leaving only an inner tarn of sorrow. Too soon. Too young. Too soon.

Immersed in her long lament, she paid no heed as her womb slowly swelled. The birth spasms struck her unawares, the cavern resonating with her cries, as she expelled her newborn infant from her cold womb and into the dark depths of her sorrow’s tears…

It just gives me chills! Check out this great debut novel from a wonderful lady, and I hope you’ll agree, the next one can’t come soon enough!




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