Review: On Dark Shores 2: The Other Nereia

On Dark Shores 2: The Other Nereia
On Dark Shores 2: The Other Nereia by J.A. Clement
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“We of Scarlock, we stick together. That is how we survive.”

Nereia is faced with a difficult choice – accept the Other Nereia and stay to protect Mary, or drift away from the beating Copeland gave her. The Other Nereia talks of making the dark waters sweet again, instead of the bitter waters they have become, and Nereia is tasked with completing this. Confused but determined, Nereia must accept that she still has some part yet to play…

Copeland has a plan for Blakey, and Blakey doesn’t think he likes where it’s leading. Down below in the caves, Blakey learns of Copeland’s secrets, including that of the Archangel. But what can he do to stop it?

Picking up where the first book left off, book two is also richly written and full of vividness. The characters continue to grow and evolve, changing from meek-seeming and battered to firmer of will and full of purpose. There is a bit of history added into this book, explaining a bit about Nereia’s past and giving insights into how her and Mary came to be under Copeland’s thumb.

As if Copeland and his decent into madness wasn’t enough, soldiers have come to town, threatening to find Vansel, Mickel and others of their company before their plans can be completed. And, while not seen much in this book either, the Mother is still playing a crucial role in the events of Scarlock. Some new players come on the scene as well, adding to the realness of the town setting and to the drama surrounding it.

What a twisted tale is being woven here. Dark, mysterious, suspenseful, and engaging, On Dark Shores: Other Nereia continues to follow Nereia and the others as change comes to Scarlock – and change isn’t always good.

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