Review: Conditioned Response

Conditioned Response
Conditioned Response by Marjorie F. Baldwin

There’s always a Plan.

The World Council is corrupt, but Shayla has a plan for that. After 13 years living with the humans as the only Phoenician in the Outside, Shayla is making her own plans, instead of defaulting to the Seven Chiefs – who got her into this mess to begin with! At least she has Raif with her, ever caring for and guiding her along. But things are set in motion that she can’t control, Shayla must finish what she started – before it’s too late.

The story is told by several of the characters, letting the reader get a glimpse of what motivates them and what hides beneath the surface. Hints of past transgressions and future possibilities abound as the Councillor and Proctor try to prepare for anything and everything the humans and Phoenicians can Throw at them.

A gripping tale speckled with war, conspiracy, love and loss, Conditioned Response explores the future of humanity as they interact with the Phoenicians, trying to live together on the Phoenician planet in peace. With advanced technology and mind-tampering, AI’s and repros, Conditioned Response is a must-read for sci-fi lovers.

**Note: I was part of the editorial team that worked on this book. Because of this, there is no rating, since it would be biased.

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