Review: Blind Sight Through the Eyes of Aniela Dawson

Blind Sight Through the Eyes of Aniela Dawson
Blind Sight Through the Eyes of Aniela Dawson by Eliabeth Hawthorne

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Whether Alaya liked it or not, she was no longer the perfect angel daughter, but someone better: Ana.

Aniela Dawson is Edaion’s youngest princess. Having been born on the island as a part of a magical family, she thinks she knows a lot about the different forms that magic can take. Until she meets Odette, a blind girl who turns out to have a gift that lets her draw pictures of things she could not have seen.

Ana sets off with Odette’s brother Leo to figure out what powers Odette possesses, premonitions or a medium. Between family drama, her job at the orphanage, a budding relationship with Leo, Ana figures out just who she is and who she wants to be.

While a tad slow at times and full of unanswered questions, such as why her sister fell out of grace and what ways a princess’s life was different than a ‘normal’ teenager’s, Ana comes into her own as a person through her choices in this story. When partnered with Blind Site Through the Eyes of Leocardo Reyes, Ana’s perspective gives valuable insight to the world of Edaion.

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Learn more about Blind Sight: A blind girl drawing is abnormal even on the magical island of Edaion where leaves brush themselves into piles in the middle of the night. So when Odette Reyes, a girl blind from birth, begins to experience ominous side effects of the island’s “gift,” her brother Leocardo and best friend Aniela must figure out what the doctors cannot. As an immigrant, Leocardo is not biased by accepted rules of magic and determines that Odette’s drawings are premonitions. Aniela grew up with magic and knows premonitions are impossible. She determines Odette is a medium channeling voiceless spirits.

Who is right? Whose eyes will you read through?

Both books are “volume one” you can read one without the other and still get a complete story, but you won’t see how the characters interpret the same situation differently.

Buy the book! Both volumes are available as an e-book for Kindle (Aniela’s vol. / Leocardo’s vol.) and Nook (Aniela’s vol. / Leocardo’s vol.) Don’t have an e-reader, pick up a PDF on Smashwords (Aniela’s vol. / Leocardo’s vol.)

The paperback special edition will be available in the fall (northern hemisphere).

The authors:

Eliabeth wrote her first mini-series in second grade when the teacher told her she was not old enough to write a chapter book. Regrettably, for fear of turning into a starving artist, Eliabeth played it safe in college and is now a recent William Jewell graduate with a BA in International Business and Japanese. She now returns to what she truly loves, creating worlds for people to escape to and characters for them to fall in love with. Ermisenda began writing Harry Potter fan-fiction at the age of twelve and started developing her own writing at fourteen when she joined play sites and completed her first crime novel at fifteen. Although her favorite genres were crime and fantasy, she reads a bit of everything. Driven by the desire to evoke the kaleidoscope of emotions her favorite authors are able to, she kept writing. Growing up bilingual amongst her Spanish family in Australia, she found a love and deep appreciation for language and the power it wielded. She is now a Psychology major at the University of Newcastle. Together, they write as Ermilia.

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7 thoughts on “Review: Blind Sight Through the Eyes of Aniela Dawson

  1. Hi Tricia, thank you for hosting us. The questions will be answered in time, but we had to leave some intrigue for the next book! What is Theo hiding, why did Odette wake up when she did. All will be answered in time. We’re actually working on book 2 now which will change perspectives to Tatiana and Nate.

    -Eliabeth Hawthorne

      1. Book 2 is going to have a much different vibe than book 1 based on the characters we’ve chosen, but you’ll see sides of Nate and Tia that weren’t exposed in Book 1. We plan on leaving you with more questions as this is possibly an eight book series, but we promise to answer some 😉

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