Review: Redbacks

Redbacks by Aaron Crocco
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Nobody wakes up thinking they’re going to die today.

James Cole just survived a world-wide earthquake. Together with Tucky, James sets off to find his wife and make sure she’s safe. When a darkness creeps up over the city, James and Tucky find strange creatures coming out as well. Since there are so few left to fight, James decides to join in the battle with the Redbacks. A chance meeting with Travis Hunter gives him a clue about the darkness, and James vows to take out the source of the Redbacks – Travis himself.

Book two of As Darkness Ends, Redbacks gives a lot more action than the first book. By following James around, the reader gets to experience the effects of the Encautum on the survivors and how they react to the Redbacks.

In this quick-paced story the apocalypse continues, forcing survivors to fight the zombie-like creatures brought on by the darkness.

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