Review: Katie’s Hellion

Katie's Hellion
Katie’s Hellion by Lizzy Ford
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Can’t take you anywhere without you beheading folks,” she whispered.”

The Council of Seven, made up of seven immortal brothers, is falling apart from the inside. With two brothers dead, two more banished to hell for aiding the Dark One, and internal skirmishes happening almost daily, the fate of the human race seems unlikely at best.

And then there’s Katie, a “mere” human that has a remarkable trait – her blood makes her immune to immortal abilities. She finds herself thrust into the immortal world when a four-hundred-year-old baby angel drops in and claims her as his mom, a death dealer shows up outside her window, and gets kidnapped and sent to hell. With going crazy a real possibility, Katie bargains with Rhyn to get out of hell but her plan backfires as he claims her as his own mate.

A unique twist on vampires with a complex world, Katie’s Hellion sets up the rest of the series. As tension between Katie and Rhyn builds, can they find a way to trust each other enough to save humanity?

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