Review: Two Moons of Sera

Two Moons of Sera
Two Moons of Sera by Pavarti K Tyler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mother told me: No, the Moon is made of nothing but broken dreams; its color is the blood she’s seen spilt.

Serafay is a child born of two world yet belonging to none. Raised in isolation by her mother, she thought she was content in her quiet life by the sea. Her mother, a Sualwet (water people) who was experimented on by the Erdlanders (land people), would go out and forage, bringing Sera back books and other trinkets as well as news about the war between the two races. Safe in her cove, Sera didn’t know she was missing anything.

Until she saw Tor.

As they become friends, Sera’s world is torn apart and she is forced to rely on the very people who tortured her mother for her survival.

Told in serial format, Two Moons of Sera drags you into a world similar yet unlike our own, filled with war, love and friendship. With a lush world and full characters, Tyler creates a stunning start to her serial.

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