Guest Post: L C Smith

Today I have L. C. Smith here for a little Q&A session! I had the pleasure of reading her novel, Falling, recently, and you can find my review here.

First, a little about L. C. Smith.

I love reading, which is why I’m a writer. I live in New Zealand, close to both the ocean and the mountains. In my spare time I love to play tennis really badly, try and grow things in my tiny garden and eat toffeepops.

Falling is a love story about Reid, who after the death of her parents in a car accident when she was eleven, gained the ability to jump into peoples bodies. Not a single person knows her secret, not her only friend Sara and especially not Keller. The problem is, every time she looks into her eyes, she starts to fall into him.

Now, to the Q&A session!

TK: Where did you get the inspiration for your story, Falling?

LCS: When I was a little girl I used to write poetry. You know the stuff you write when you’re six and it always rhymes? That was me. Endless hours were spent making the ends of each stanza rhyme with the one before, of course I didn’t know what a stanza was. But I loved the feeling of being able to create something that didn’t exist before I started, and that’s why I still love writing.

When I was in the last semester of my degree I started writing seriously. I had been thinking about different ideas for a new story for a while, one day I was rushing around, busy with everything, but I had run out of food and I had to go to the supermarket. I rushed in behind this woman, I was came up behind her quickly, but couldn’t get around her.

Then I noticed her. Noticed her clothes and her jewellery, I walked behind her when we got into the store wondering why she was looking at the food she was. I almost ran home, pulled my laptop straight out and started writing. I knew I had the story I wanted to tell.

What does the world look like from inside someone else.

TK: Which of your characters do you relate to the most? Which was the hardest to write?

LCS: I would definately relate to Reid the most, she’s the kind of person I’d be friends with in real life. The hardest person for me to write was Keller. I wanted him to seem real! Even though the story is paranormal, I wanted Keller to be totally realistic.

TK: Did you know this was going to be a YA book when you started, or did it just turn out that way?

LCS: I know as soon as I sat down to write that it was going to be YA, but it did start life with Keller as the main character and having the powers. I got to chapter two and realised it just wasn’t right, so I flipped it around and had so much fun writing it.

TK: How long did it take you to write after you’d seen that lady at the grocery store?

LCS: I started writing it straight away, and from there it was just under two years until I finished it.

TK: Do you have any more novels in the works? A sequel? A prequel?

LCS: I’m working on a few other projects. One is set in World War Two and I’m about half way through that. I hope to have it out by April.

Thanks so much for having me, it’s been great!

TK: Thank YOU for stopping by! It was a pleasure to have you and to read your book!

You can find out more about L C Smith on her website. You can also check out her book trailer here:

And pick up here ebook here:

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