Review: Made Up

Made Up
Made Up by Emma Jackson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Besides, you know how it is – it’s your choice whether to believe everything you read or not.”

Katia sets off across the ocean to follow her dream – to be a makeup artist – when an assistant position falls in her lap. Excited, nervous, and determined to do a good job, Katia leaves her past troubles behind her. But her demons come back into play as she finds herself falling for the star of the show, Owen, and trying to help her sister out of a deep depression.

Suddenly, surviving her demon boss isn’t the only thing on Katia’s mind. She figures time and space will put things into perspective. But her perspective is skewed by her past relationship, her ongoing family issues, and what the media, and others, say about Owen.

Is she ready to take a chance on him being true, or is she still too scarred?

Complex and “real,” this delightful tale follows Katia as she comes to terms with her past, reconstructs her life, and journeys towards happiness. Her past is slowly brought into play, teasing the reader along to find out just what did happen to her to make her the way she is. As her relationship with Owen blooms, she learns to believe in herself and not in everything she reads.

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