Review: Pups in Tea Cups: Tales of “Littleness” overcoming BIG odds

Pups in Tea Cups: Tales of “Littleness” overcoming BIG odds by Carolyn McCray
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“Littleness” isn’t just a size. It is a condition!

Enter the world of “Littleness,” where tiny pups worm, wiggle and lick their way into your heart. From Chihuahuas to Mini-Cocker Spaniels, these stories focus on real pups that entered the life of the author and her patients and made a lasting impression.

Trying to explain the phenomena of “Littleness” is no easy task. These pups have attitude and aren’t afraid to show it! Resisting eating when they are hungry, insisting on squirming into the tiniest spots that they’re not supposed to get into, or bringing the young and old out of their depression, the persistence these tiny pups have is highlighted in these quick tales of canine mischief, daring and triumph. Sprinkled in with the tea cup pups were tales of “Bigness” overcoming similar situations fit for a pup full of “Littleness” attitude.

Mini-stories told by a veterinarian well-experienced in “Littleness” and “Bigness” alike, the stories themselves were quick reads, though sometimes the language was a tad repetitive. While these tales are sure to make you laugh and shake your head, be sure to keep a tissue handy – some are real tear-jerkers.

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5 thoughts on “Review: Pups in Tea Cups: Tales of “Littleness” overcoming BIG odds

  1. I am sure there is lots of sweet heart warming stuff, but when it comes to animals, I don’t do well with the tear jerking parts. I am glad you gave me a heads up on that aspect!

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