Reflection 2011

As this year comes to a close, I found myself thinking of all the things I’ve done in 2011.  I think I’ve made some good steps in the right direction for what my grand plans are, and I hope to continue this trend into the new year.

What I’ve done:

I’ve set up and maintained a blog on a semi-regular basis, full of writing samples, story ideas, book reviews and guest interviews.

I’ve made my big break into the editing business, thanks to C.S Splitter and already have several potential clients lined up for 2012.

I had my first story published in the Christmas Lites anthology. This was super exciting to me, since it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I hope that in 2012 I get more opportunities to publish, whether it’s of my own doing or in another anthology.

I’ve started to really connect to readers and writers, on Goodreads, Twitter and Facebook.  While this might seem like all play and no work, it’s helping to build a name for myself. It’s also incredible to connect with other writers to see how their process works, what tips they can share, and maybe learn something to strengthen my own writing in the process.

I’ve read some incredible stories.  Just to name a few: Jim Galford’s In Wilder Lands: The Fall of Eldvar; Cambria Hebert’s Masquerade; Stephen Prosapio’s Ghost of Rosewood Asylum; and, of course, C.S. Splitter’s The Reluctant and The Willing (both of which are coming out in print in February).

What I’d like to do:

In 2012, I’m planning on finishing 3 books for print, 2 short stories, and possibly another book – and that’s only what I know of now. I’d love to expand on those plans, building myself a start to a full-time job as an editor. (Shameless plug: If you know someone who’s planning on publishing and needs an editor / proofreader, send them my way!)

I’d also love to continue reading and reviewing books. I’ve been very fortunate to have won a few ARCs and some giveaways, as well has have a good queue of mostly indie writers looking for reviews.  If all goes according to the master plan, I might have more reading time in the future.

What are your plans for the new year? Whatever they include, let’s make 2012 one more stepping stone on the way towards our goals.

As a side note: My folks decided to do something really cool for me for Christmas this year. Since I have had all of these accomplishments (the story publishing, the editing gig), they put together for me a collage of said works.

They look awesome – Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Reflection 2011

  1. I first want to say that knowing you for as long as I have I am absolutely thrilled that things are going in a great direction for you in regards to the writing field. It pleases me to no end that you have something published for the world to see and no doubt will have more of it in the future.

    My biggest personal goal is to get out of debt and then start my move away from retail.
    I want to spend more time enjoying life and enjoying the people in my life (in person and online).
    Happy to have you back in it and looking forward to good conversations over the years.

    1. I am so glad to have you back as well – I have truly missed conversing with you over the years. I wish you luck in getting out of debt and moving away from retail. I know how hard both of those are, and I only got away from retail (mostly) myself last year. I’m looking forward to getting more writing accomplishments and forcing you to read them all. 🙂

  2. First: sorry the little one is getting sick…hope you still get to enjoy the New Years festivities from home. Second, 2011 was a good year, 2012 will be great! You seem to have a lot of great things in store, and I look forward to seeing them. If you are interested, you should look into the “Post-a-week” thing on wordpress and aim to post one time a week. ( if you have writer’s block). Have a happy new year!

  3. In 2012, I just want my editor to understand my voice as an author and….oh, hell, I can’t even say it with a straight face lol. I tried to be an ass, I really did, I swear. The pampered author thing just doesn’t fit. Even my readers have commented on how much better my “writing” is thanks to my editor.

    For 2012, I want my print books to be perfect, which can’t happen. I want to get two more books out in the calendar year, which WILL happen. I’d like to sell enough books to draw some attention. I’d like “my people” to take on enough authors to be able to flip the bird to whomever pays them in real life. I would LOVE to get the whole publishing process on rails and make it more smooth than it has been in the past…I hate re-inventing the wheel.

    I would like the ellipse to get its true place of glory in the writing world and I would like the emm dash to die the death it deserves…that’s just a personal preference.

    I would like all commas to be optional…just like I write.



    1. If I were you Splitter, I would never use a comma because that’s someone else’s job to put them in for you.

      And, I will keep pimping out your books to all the peeps I know (marshmallow or not) to help you achieve this goal thingie.

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