Guest Post: Masquerade’s Kimber

Hey all! Today I have a real treat for you! As part of The Heven and Hell Tour, Cambria Hebert has agreed to let me interview one of her characters!

Before I introduce you to our guest, please be sure to stop by my review of Masquerade and hop over to Cambria’s site to give her some love and congratulate her on her debut novel!

I know, you all have been reading about Sam and Heven for a while now on this tour, and while I love them, I wanted to give the spotlight to another (deserving) cast member. So here, for your reading pleasure, in all her glory – Please welcome Kimber!

Trish: Hi Kimber! Welcome to my blog. Let’s start by asking a few easy questions. How long have you known Heven?

Kimber: I have known Heven since third grade when we started cheering together.

T: Do you think she had what it takes to become cheer captain? Does she still have it?

K: Sure she had what it took, she’s a good cheer captain and everyone loved her. It’s really a big popularity contest you know. Does she still have it? I’m sure she does but she doesn’t want to cheer anymore and when someone doesn’t want to do something then asking them to do it won’t give the same results, know what I mean?

T:Do you like Sam, or think he’s bad for Heven?

K: I really like Sam…he’s hot. If I wasn’t so in love with Cole I might have went after him first when he first came to town. But seeing him with Heven – they belong together… he really helped her come out of her shell in ways I never could or anyone else could for that matter. I think he is exactly what she needs.

T: There’s some tension between Sam and Cole. Any thoughts as to why?

K: Ummm, that’s my fault. When Sam first came to town… well I already said I thought about going after him… Cole isn’t a fool and well, I made it so my feelings were obvious. Guys like Cole and Sam, strong guys, they tend to clash. Plus, Cole… he is very protective….

T: Was it hard for you to visit Heven in the hospital after her incident?

K: Yeah, it was. She was a shell of who she was. Her eyes – they had this vacant look and when they weren’t so empty they were full of doubt and fear. She mumbled a couple times in her sleep when I was there, something about being watched… but she’s my BFF and I had to stick by her. All the other losers at school – like Brice – stopped coming around because they knew she wasn’t going to be queen B anymore.

T: Do you think she gets too much undo attention?

K: Any attention that Heven gets is unwanted. I myself, don’t understand that.

T: Was it “better” for you (popularity-wise) when Heven had secluded herself from her other friends? Do you miss the spotlight? Or just happen to have Heven back and happy?

K: Miss the spotlight? I never left the spotlight. I am my own celebrity, everyone knows who I am. Sure, some of the attention is back on her but once everyone figures out she isn’t going to be who she used to be that attention will dim. I am happy to have Heven back but she’ll never be the same again.

T: You’ve been such a good friend to her. Where do you think your jealousy comes from?

K: Maybe because everything is always about her, like this interview. Even my own boyfriend worries about her. She’s a lot stronger than she looks you know. Care to switch directions a bit – talk about me?

T: Sure, Kimber. What’s your favorite brand of jeans to wear?

K: Seven. They are super comfortable. But I also like Calvin Kline and jeans from the Buckle – the detail on those jeans is to die for!

T: What’s your favorite color?

K: Fuscia.

T: Hobbies?

K: Cheerleading and shopping.

T: You and Cole have been dating for a couple years now. What do you love about him?

K: Well besides the fact that he is super hot and on the football team, he is a really great guy. He’s loyal, he’s charming and he loves me. We have chemistry.

T: You are known for your parties at your parents lake house. What’s the secret to a good party?

K: *Grins* Food and music. And the most important thing: Drama.

You sure know how to provide that! Thanks for joining us today Kimber! I was so glad I could get to chat with you! I’m glad that you and Heven are getting along and that she has you in her life. You guys go double at the bubble tea place, on me.

Congrats again to Cambria on her debut novel. I can’t wait to read the rest!

3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Masquerade’s Kimber

  1. Ha ha! Loved that. Gotta love Kimber. That line about focus on me now was great. I am glad I noticed Splitter’s tour button while I was here. I will get it on my blog today!

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