Review: The Vampire Empress Chronicles: Caroline’s Path

The Vampire Empress Chronicles: Caroline's Path
The Vampire Empress Chronicles: Caroline’s Path by A.S. Johnson

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Caroline is born into a royal line of vampires from Italy. Destined to rule them as the Vampire Empress, Caroline faces one trial after the other until she takes the vampire throne.

The concept for this story was original. The vampires were the original race, with humans their de-evolved state. Once reborn, the vampires go through a transformation period, learning about being a vampire and honing their abilities. Caroline finds love with Nerio, and finds strength within herself to protect her family and govern the vampires.

While the story had such potential, for me if fell flat of achieving what it set out to do. There were several issues that I had with the actual telling of the story: Too much repetition, information forced down the reader’s throat, POV flaws, and plot loopholes. These issues were just too many issues for me to ignore. I got tired of Caroline telling me (the reader) that she could communicate telepathically; I scoffed when she stated that vampires have no emotions after she had already confessed her love for Nerio to the reader; I found it hard to swallow that Charlotte could go from mourning her dead husband to the giddy, love-swept relationship she has with Uros; I found a use for my high school Latin class, pointing out incorrect phrases used in the ceremony.

A sweet romance novel with age-old vampires which, if the flaws can be overlooked, shows an original spin on vampire love stories.

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