Status Update: AHHH!

Well, it’s almost here.  Next week.  You know what happens next week, right?

No, other than the Turkey Day.

The Willing will be released!

Splitter and I are both working hard to put the finishing touches on this novel as well as his first one, The Reluctant.  Both books have gotten some wonderful reviews; so far The Willing has 5 stars!  While it might not last, a girl’s gotta dream.  Big.

Hopefully by the end of this week, we should have a co-interview to post about how we got together and became best buddies and took a trip to Aruba…not really, but it is about how we “hooked up” and it should be a fun read.

Also, Christmas Lites is scheduled to release Nov. 25!

In light of that (ha, see, I’m punny), my pal Jenn (always 2 “N’s”) interviewed me!  You can check out our chat at her blog:  She helped make this book possible, and is featuring other folks that helped do the same!  It was my first ever interview, and I was a bit nervous, but I think it turned out wonderfully!

So, with all this excitement going around, who needs turkey!

2 thoughts on “Status Update: AHHH!

  1. You ate awesome.
    Well I meant to type you are awesome but upon reading it, I think I’ll leave it that way.
    Cause if you ate awesome then you are full of it! Awesome I mean, you are FULL of AWESOME!

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