Shock, 2.0

Ok, so left you all with a big cliffhanger last time I posted (see here).

What kind of ground-breaking, earth-shattering, mind-blowing announcement could I possibly have that would require you to wait for DAYS on the edge of your seats for what I have to say?

Wait for it…

I’m officially an EDITOR on a book series!

That’s right! I have partnered with C.S. Splitter to work on his Crayder Chronicles series! You can find more details at Splitter’s blog, but here’s the basics:

Splitter: I need Beta readers for my book, anyone Willing?

Trish: Sure! It’s not like I have a full-time job and other reviews to write, I’d love to!

Splitter: . . . Hey, are you done with that yet? You’re the slowest reader ever!

Trish: But, I wanted to make it pretty colors for you! Yellow and red, see all the commas I fixed!

Splitter: Wow, I suck at commas, and you’re awesome at them! Be my editor!

Trish: Yay! Cookies for all!

Or something like that.

Splitter is wonderful to work with.  He takes my suggestions, listens to reasons why I changed things, and is genuinely Willing to work to become a better writer.  He also gives me cute nick-names, like “The Comma Queen” and “Compulsive.”

In the upcoming weeks before Splitter’s 2nd book comes out (Nov. 21st, mark it down), we will be working hard.  In addition to the book, I told Splitter I was Willing to do a book review, and we’re also going to do a two-way conversation between us (as author and editor), which should be enlightening.

Also, if anyone is Willing to promo his book, by doing a review, interview or giveaway, please contact either of us so we can schedule it.

Oh, and if you hadn’t caught it, the book is called The Willing, and the first round of editing is complete.  Let the revisions begin!

4 thoughts on “Shock, 2.0

  1. Great news!!!! YAY! you must be so excited. COngrats. Splitter found himself a great editor! Of course i would love to do a spotlight on my blog for The Willing!!!

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