She ran her finger slowly over the dark stubble on his face, tracing
the jagged white scar down to his chin.  He kept his eyes shut,
enjoying the feel of her soft fingertips on his face.  He sighed,
content as he hadn’t been in a long time.

Placing her hand on his muscled chest, she leaned in close, barely
touching his lips with hers.  His heartbeat quickened under her palm
as his body responded to her nearness.  Timidly, she kissed him, eyes
still studying his face under dark lashes.  When he returned her kiss,
she closed her eyes, relishing the feel of him.  Pulling back, his
head following to maintain their kiss, she saw his eyes open.
Beautiful silver-grey eyes stared back at her, traces of puzzlement
visible but quickly vanished, replaced with warmth that threatened to
still her heart.

He reached up to her and hesitated, unsure even then if his touch
would be welcomed.  When she didn’t back away, he placed his rough
fingers on the smooth, pale skin of her face, lightly cupping her
cheek.  She closed her eyes, her hand reaching up to touch the one on
her face.

Her other hand went behind her back, fumbling awkwardly, then
reappeared holding a knife.

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