I have several ideas that I’d like to pursue,  but I’m having a hard time picking which one to go with.  While ultimately I just need to pick one and roll with it, I don’t know which idea and characters I’d like to spend the time getting to know.

My ideas include:

Xandra, Guardian of Mankind – I picture her as a mortician to the other world, keeping man from learning of the things that go bump in the night.  She also keeps an Imp with her as a pet.

Melissa – Spy, Faye Spy.  Quick-witted and sarcastic, trying to stay ahead of others that would kill her because she knows too much.

Quickwing – A reinvision of the Pegasus story, Percy Jackson style.

And a few other children’s book ideas, such as filling out my “Bennie Learns To…” series.

There is also the possibility of spending more time with Meryl and Kyra, which should take priority if I ever want to get it published.

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