Kyra’s Intro

Kyra’s Story

I have seen the destruction of the world.  I have seen fireballs fill the sky, the mages directing each flame’s fall with the precision of a practiced warrior’s axe swing.  I have seen the hordes of goblin men, disfigured by both nature and swords, rushing towards the army of fair-folk and dwarves, who themselves answer with songs and grunts of war.  I have seen my dearest friends among the battle center, fighting with all our hearts for what we know to be right.  I have seen those same friends die, their faces frozen in the final crushing realization that the battle is lost.
And it was all my fault.
My name is Kyra Tear-Dawn.  The Birth of Sadness.  For with me, the world learned to cry, learned to mourn, learned to die.  I let them all down.
I am not crazy.
This is my story.

(copyright @ 2002-2011)